Chris Deary Writer & Editor

Chris Deary

I'm a senior editor at Zone, an independent digital media company based in London, Bristol and Cologne. I specialise in helping our charity and non-profit clients - including the Nike Foundation, The BT Supporters' Club, Prostate Cancer UK and the London School of Economics - figure out what to say on their online channels and how to say it. I've also worked on projects for Channel 4 and the Co-Op Bank.

I've previously written and edited online content for The Guardian, The Sun, News of the World, London Paper, Manchester Evening News, Cosmopolitan, Company and Handbag - covering everything from reality TV to Middle Eastern travel.

I've also worked on branded content about football (for Chelsea FC, The Football League and Uefa), rugby (the Welsh Rugby Union), parenting (Mothercare) and climate change (Vodafone, Logica and Defra).

Other highlights include launching Global Cool (the eco-friendly answer to Heat magazine), Nox (the Middle East's first men's magazine) and Manny Road, a blog about my favourite football team, Bolton Wanderers, which I eventually sold to a man in a pub for a brown envelope full of (not very much) cash.

I'm currently working on my first novel, working title: Things Can Only Get Better.

I live and work in Bristol.


A novel by Chris Deary:

Peter Lord is 33 years old. He lives with his reclusive mum who insists on ironing shirts for him, even though his job doesn't require him to wear them. She says Jesus wouldn't like creases in his shirt.

Brett works in Burger King because his bleached mohican, nose ring and profuse sweating make him unemployable anywhere else. He spends his spare time stalking old school friends on the internet and talking to Susan about what it all means.

Susan is the only person capable of figuring out where it all went wrong: why Peter can't escape the shadow of the twentieth century; why Brett insists on wearing a tracksuit top blood stained from an IRA bomb; why they're no longer friends.