Chris Deary

Chris Deary

I'm a marketing and communications strategist with 15 years' experience helping global brands to grow.

I'm currently Client Strategy Director at Zone, working with brands such as Adidas, Aviva, Twitter, Nike, British Red Cross and the London School of Economics.

My work centres around three things:

- Planning and delivering content and campaigns
- Defining and optimising products and services
- Transforming skills, processes, tools and cultures

My full CV is here.


My debut novel, Never Quite Buried, is due for completion as soon as I stop doing incredibly distracting things like moving house and having children. The premise is this:

Pete and Brett are teenage best friends. It's the 1990s, the Berlin Wall is down and the War on Terror is yet to begin. Anything's possible, and with Brett's help, Pete is destined to escape his overbearing mum and her irrational fear of God.

But when Brett kills himself on the eve of their adulthood, Pete refuses to let him die. If growing up with Jesus Christ in his face taught him anything, it's that things don't have to die. You can keep them alive forever.

Pete takes Brett's name, wears his clothes, walks his walk and talks his talk. It's easy at first, but as the years go by and the memory of the world they grew up in becomes more and more obscured, Pete's life spirals further from reality. Can an unlikely friendship with a woman named Rebecca save him, and finally bury Brett?