Chris Deary

Chris Deary

I'm Client Strategy Director at Zone, a digital agency based in London, Bristol and Cologne. We create digital content, products and services.

I'm responsible for the growth and performance of three of our biggest global accounts: Adidas, Aviva and Maersk. I've also led projects for Twitter, BT, Channel 4, the London School of Economics, the Co-op Bank, the Nike Foundation and the British Red Cross.

I've spent the last 15 years helping world-famous brands communicate better with their audiences. I've worked with and for The Guardian, News UK, Hearst Magazines, Huffington Post, the UK government, Uefa, Chelsea FC, the Welsh Rugby Union, Vodafone, Eurostar, Mothercare and many more.

I also once sold a blog about Bolton Wanderers to man in a pub. He paid with a brown envelope full of £20 notes.